20 November 2013


● Complete social equality, as any fool ought to be aware, is surely a chimera. If there has been any society that actually practised it, it soon died out or disappeared into obscurity.
Modern societies that have espoused egalitarianism merely engendered the replacement of one elite by another, usually worse, one.
So what happens when you pretend to aspire to equality, by disparaging the idea of respect based on rank, seniority, title etc, and assert that all are to be “equally valued” in a mythical “classless” society? Judging by the results of the current experiment, it appears you get a new pecking order based on youth and sexual appeal.
If you are young and/or good-looking, you fare reasonably well in this new society.
If, on the other hand, you are old or unattractive you are likely to be socially invisible or (more likely) despised. Unless, of course, you can distinguish yourself in some way that will gain the approval of a mass audience, e.g. by performing on a reality TV show.
Without youth, looks or fame, you’ll be lucky to be “valued” in a “classless” society, by anyone other than friends and family.