24 July 2013

lovin’ it

● The notion that there is a section of society with a negative attitude, pointlessly grumbling about what everyone else has already agreed some time ago to be the best course, may have some basis in fact, but it's also a very convenient narrative. Mediocratic mythology requires the playing of nay-saying and party-pooping roles, to explain any apparent failures of the system, and to justify persisting with war efforts against the ideological enemy.
In reality, something like the opposite may be the case, with all but a tiny minority adopting slightly forced approval of what (so they are subliminally informed on a continuous basis via TV, highbrow papers and so forth) is to be regarded as the shiny, happy world of today. You’re lovin’ it, right?
To the extent there are genuinely positive aspects to modern life, these already receive plentiful promotion and I see little point in reminding you of them.
The negative features, on the other hand, are subject to an ideological bias, and one tends not to see them expressed in publications such as The Times, Guardian, Times Higher Education, Telegraph etc.
I believe it helps, in a small way, to restore balance if I occasionally draw attention to them.