19 June 2013

as told to Dr T

● Lord Craig of Brown, the veteran Private Eye diarist, already writes for the Daily Mail where he gladdens the hearts of Middle England with his unique brand of quirky, crusading humour – compiling amusing lists and puncturing the pretensions of others. It now looks as if he may have started working for the humour department of the Mail on Sunday as well, lampooning the likes of Pippa Middleton.
Pictures of Miss Middleton, sister to the Duchess of Cambridge, had already appeared in the Mail on Sunday of the 9th inst., showing her (from) behind in a clinch with a current beau. The same pictures were then repeated in the following day’s Daily Mail for the benefit of readers who might have missed them. True, this displaced the stunning photo of a cappuccino froth sculpture onto the pages of a subsequent issue. However, current affairs – as any editor worth his salt knows – must take precedence over the arts.
Clearly the hunger of Mail readers for Miss M’s derrière had nevertheless not been fully assuaged, for we were again treated to full-spread coverage in the Mail on Sunday of the following weekend. In this case, however, while at first glance one may have assumed the photos to be journalistically authentic, on closer inspection it emerged they had been cleverly faked. How we laughed! Surely only the mind of a great comic writer, in the mould of Lord C, could have been behind this biting satire.