22 May 2013

a kind but concerned authority figure

● The US seems to have learnt nothing from its Middle East fiascos, nor from the fact that its interventions in the Israel-Palestine situation never produce any lasting benefit. It cannot resist trying to meddle with other countries’ foreign policy.
Mr Obama is attempting to put pressure on the UK to stay in the European Union. We won’t like you so much if you leave, he threatens.
One can postulate pragmatic motives for this blustering, but quite possibly it’s simply ideological grandstanding.
Sorry America, but much as I admire your domestic policy of having a relatively high respect for liberty, you lost your claim to moral superiority on the international stage when you invaded Iraq without adequate cause.
Does Mr Obama not worry about reverse psychology? Such attempts to bully might make some people more, not less, tempted to choose “out”, should the promised vote ever arrive.
Needless to say, any vote I exercise (if it comes to it) will be based on what I consider the right thing to do, and not on Mr Obama’s noises – one way or the other.